Experiences are paradoxical, so is human nature. The complexity of comprehending is much bigger than sharing similarities. But, the question here is having a sense of belongingness and craving “the intimacy to be understood” which does not hold true in all circumstances as constant strive to be realistic alongside plunging out of the stupidity holds us back.

While marching towards a free-spirited introduction for our community and sooner realizing that words fail to project your freedom at times, thus your goal ultimately turns out to find a goal and that maybe can only be done through exploration.

Welcome To Coffbee – the only shots you need!!

Coffbee is a brief guide to sincerity and clarity. Glad to make this happen for each one of you out there. There is no easy way out, there never was. These words hold true for everything. With tremendous courage and love, Coffbee open doors to a world full of perceptions and optics. A good laugh about every nuance, each pause, and widespread inner conflict confides growth underneath, immense growth breathing around you and within you. Pandemic and Coffbee gladly tasted waves of unconventional ideas.

Coffbee was founded in the year 2020 and it grew a lot more honest and braver with each day. Let us celebrate who break themselves down to become better, the silently resilient ones, and the more aware.

Eccentricity, curiosity, and intensity work well for us. We hope for you too.

We’re working to turn our passion for Blogging into a booming online website. We wish to see you enjoy our Blogging as much as we enjoy offering it to you.

Some words are Bee stings. They penetrate for longer but the Bee sting has honey too teaching the act of order. Such is the nature of words.

Grab a seat and love the pauses that life has to offer with a cup full of “Coffbee” shots.

Yours Truly

Team Coffbee